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What Is Ads Profit Network (APN)?

Place Your Ads - Earn Massive Profits - Build Your Network

This site is focused on 3 areas of online business; Advertising, Earning Profits, and Network Building using a simple viral strategy, that if applied, works with incredible results.

These 3 categories are the toughest to master because they involve one common factor, Prospects! Without prospects, what is the purpose of advertising? Without prospects how do you earn from making sales? Without prospects becoming affiliate marketers how do you build a continuous network?

One simple strategy that takes care of all 3 categories!

1. Advertising

The struggles with advertising is you do not know where or how to advertise to get eyes on your products and services. If you could get over a million ad views of your product and services, would that help you with your issue?

2. Earning Profits

This is the main reason why we are all online, trying to earn profits from our programs and services so we can live a financial free lifestyle. What would you do if you made over $100,000 or even $1,000,000?

3. Network Building

When you build your list/network you enable a way to help and be helped when it comes to the first two above. How would you like to have a network of thousands, maybe millions of like minded team members without really trying to build them?

These 3 categories would fix all your issues online correct? Today we are going to show you how you can get started and change the entire way you look at viral marketing!

We have a strategy that fixes all 3 issues above. Inside you will find a simple, and very powerful way that will change your entire financial situation. When applied, it has never failed as of yet! Newbies who have never advertised online before are loving this. It's absolutely the best place to put your advertisement.

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Before you go any further, please read this:

What you are about to create is a viral list of team members that will visit your favorite site of your choosing. When you complete your registration, make sure to share this site with as many online marketers as possible because your network will build very quickly if you follow this simple strategy! (Yes, you can use any site you wish to publish as long as it is in good taste, but we highly recommend you to use Lead Capture Pages!)

    1. How To Register

  • View each of the 8 banners below for 15 seconds.
  • Click on "open this page in a new window"
  • Enter your name, email, then submit. If you do not see capture form skip over the next step below.
  • Then close current window
  • Then click on "click here to go back and continue"
  • Then click the next banner after CHECK MARK.
  • *Repeat this until you have viewed all ads for your uplines.
  • Then finish registering below to place your ad.
  • When you have completed registration log into your email and confirm all Team registrations.
  • Login to Ads Profit Network and follow instructions from members area.

2. You will then receive a website exactly like this one, the only difference will be that your link will now be in the #1 position.

3. You will be instantly sent an e-mail with your unique site URL and login details. You need to promote your unique site URL for your prospects to see your link in the #1 position. Banners are located in your members area to help you promote your page.

4. People signing up from your website will now be advertising your link in the #2 position. People joining on the next level will advertise your link in the #3 position, and so on, and so on. You can see how your network will begin to grow very, very rapidly. If you would like to view a chart please click here.

So what are you waiting for? Begin the process that will allow you extra exposure to your programs to earn you more income. Click the banners below to get started.

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